The award winners 2021


The Awards at the 40th FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH have been presented

The award winners 2021
FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8965

VFF Young Talent Award - Best Film: 

REGIME CHANGE by Yana Sad (Moscow School of New Cinema, Russia)

The Festival jury:

"This film portrays a tender and rather unusual bond in a relationship defined by the disability of a brother who is autistic. The camerawork embraces the natural beauty of human beings in all their imperfection — physical, mental, and emotional. It is particularly courageous for a Russian filmmaker to tackle and discuss such a subject, which in many societies is a taboo. This makes this film all the more valuable. The jury has unanimously decided to present the VFF Young Talent Award to REGIME CHANGE."

FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8327

ARTE Short Film Prize

MUST BE PAINFUL by David Semler (FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic)

The ARTE jury:

"In a waiting room at a train station in the Czech Republic,
a relationship drama plays out between two completely different couples.

Homosexuality, discrimination, adultery, love, and separation: all the big social issues are dealt with in the smallest of spaces and in two different languages.

The story of these two couples keeps us in constant suspense, and we don’t know how it will conclude until the very end.

MUST BE PAINFUL by David Semler succeeds in recounting the great dramas of our time in an intense, atmospheric chamber play lasting only 15 minutes.

Our sincere congratulations on receiving the ARTE Short Film Prize."

FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8376

Wolfgang Längsfeld Award

HARMONIA by Thom Lunshof (The Netherlands Film Academy, Netherlands)

The Wolfgang Längsfeld jury:

"Furious, frenetic, and poetic. The jury is thrilled to celebrate a movie that jolted us into a bold cinematic experience that never settles for comfortable storytelling.

A young woman’s brutal effort to overcome an environment of extreme pressure is broadened into a collage of individual struggles, forming a collective portrait, an explosive mirror of our times, in which the need to succeed at all costs creates a society on the brink of crashing and burning. 

Ambitious filmmaking choices, beautiful performances, and an experimental take on the narrative tradition culminate in a manic, ruthless, and stunning climax. If winning means being alone, we invite this brave filmmaker to keep pushing his craft, to take the stage and enjoy a moment of solitude with all of us. The award unanimously goes to HARMONIA by Thom Lunshof."


FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8657

ARRI Award - Best Documentary Film: 

A DANCE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD by Paula González García, Gloria Gutiérrez and Andrés Santacruz (The Madrid Film School, Spain)

The Festival jury:

"As times change, so, too, does the way people communicate, especially in this period of isolation. This film offers an unusual perspective on how people, each in their own way, experience loneliness, look for creative ways of staying in touch, and find joy during troubled times. The award for best documentary goes to A DANCE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD."

FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8714

zweiB Award - Best Animation: 

SCUM MUTATION by Ov (Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains, France)

The Festival jury:

"In a necessary outcry against binary and systemic oppression, mutilated bodies lead us to an artistic and powerful explosion that challenges the audience’s awareness. The zweiB Award for best animation goes to SCUM MUTATION."

FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8736

Student Camera Award

THE WATER'S WHISPER Camera: Ian B. Morales (The National School of Film Arts, Mexico City, Mexico)

The Festival jury:

"On a glimmering and shimmering ray of light refracted by the water, this poetic film takes us inside the mind of an adolescent boy. The exquisite photography and precise framing within a technically challenging environment create a uniquely sensual atmosphere. The award for best cinematography goes to THE WATER’S WHISPER."

FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8917

Panther Prize - Best Production of an European Film: 

LAND OF GLORY Production: Margarita Amineva (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin, Germany)

The Festival jury:

"With nationalism on the rise all over Europe, this film uses words, humor, and a precise visual style to raise some vital questions and show how anyone, even a teenage girl at school, can resist and stand up for their own values. For having the great courage to make such a film in these critical times, we present the award for best production of a European film to LAND OF GLORY."

FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8473

Prix Interculturel

TOPLESS by Hannah Jandl (HFF München, Germany)

The Interfilm Jury:

"In keeping with the motto "Clothes make the man," shoes are filmed by passers-by in Munich who, when asked about their shoes, talk about themselves and their own view of life. A cautious, Socratic way of questioning, always focused on the shoes, and a partially iconographic camera promote intercultural dialogue. In the process, the most diverse attitudes to life, views of life of the passers-by of different origins are expressed and cleverly stimulate the viewer:s own reflection."


FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8845

Preis für das beste Drehbuch

PLAY DEAD Screenplay: Sergio Amador and David Bustos (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya, Spain)

The Festival jury:

"Surrounded by the shadow of death, the absence of a father, and an abandoned place, an intriguing yet speechless family tale is spun, filled with unexpressed feelings that leave us touched and uneasy in equal measure. The award for best screenplay goes to PLAY DEAD."

FSF21 DAY7 Awardceremony 8540

Audience Award

HER DANCE by Bar Cohen (The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Israel)



Climate Clips Award:

1. Prize: FIGHT FAST FASHION by Miriam Welcker and Lili Zwirner (Hochschule RheinMain, Germany)

The Climate Clips jury:

"In this video clip, the winner of the Climate Clips Award argues that the fashion industry and unthinking consumers be taken to task for practices that are harmful to the climate. Scenes of luxuriant nature are juxtaposed with hard facts that illustrate the contradictions. This appeal for more restraint and conservation of natural resources is directed at all of us. The jury sincerely congratulates the two directors and the team on receiving the 1st prize of the Climate Clips Award."


2. Prize: ZIZUMA by Sergio Alejandro N. Suárez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)

The Climate Clips jury:

"The retreat of glaciers around the world is also threatening the sacred mountain revered by Colombia’s indigenous Uwa people, as it feeds their rivers. Evoking the beauty it once had in the 1990s, this documentary reveals the present-day threat from climate change, of which an animation gives a warning and a call to action. The jury awards the 2nd prize of the Climate Clips Award to this film and offers its congratulations on addressing global change that is affecting every continent equally."


3. Prize: TERRA ! / EARTH by Alice Gambara and Giulia Betti (Civica Scuola di Cinema Lucchino Visconti, Italy)

The Climate Clips jury:

"EARTH, an animated film for a campaign called “Plastic not fantastic”, demonstrates with great urgency how our handling of plastic is becoming fatal — to humans as well as animals. Without words, but accompanied by musical tones and other sounds in a soundtrack composed by students at the Claudio Abbado Civic Music School, this clip symbolically illustrates in mere seconds the devastating consequences of our consumption of plastic. With the 3rd prize of the Climate Clips Award, the jury offers its thanks for a well-done performance of the motto “Let me breathe” / “Consuma senza plastica”."

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