What would the festival be without the team behind it, which is fully committed to ensuring that the best new student films are screened in Munich every November? During the summer, while we’re busily organizing FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, our main festival for the general public, important initial preparations for FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH are already underway. In early September, when the selection committee has met and decided which of the hundreds of films submitted will be in the program, the team really gets going.

Festival director Diana Iljine, project manager Andrea Rudert, and our commercial manager Thorsten Grieser coordinate all aspects of planning.

The program management team is responsible for ensuring that the films are also shown in theaters and that our international guests from the world of film find their way to Munich. Sandra Knösel, Sandra Engler, and Carmen Scheuring are in regular contact with the film schools and the students who are presenting their films here.

Most important of all, of course, are the guests and their films. But a festival also includes the theater auditorium, the festival center, the award ceremonies, excellent food and drink, and most definitely the parties. Event managers Jessica Weishaupt and Alina Götzlich, in coordination with our technical manager Florian Schneeweiss, organize the details of the events as well as the set-up, dismantling, and design of the festival locations.

A festival can only be planned well if everything in the office is running smoothly. Eveline Walter has everything under control as the office manager.

As all of this year’s events are being held at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF), healthy and close cooperation is essential. As head of the International Office of the HFF, Elena Diesbach is coordinating and planning the entire supporting program for the anniversary edition with us.

Organizing a festival also means making an investment. Markus Höroldt, Julia Blechl, and Marina Bungert take care of the accounting and payroll so that our partners, service providers, and employees get their money on time. For matters of internal administration or staffing, Daniela Schink and Carolyn Schiroky are on hand. They also recruit additional team members who are needed during the festival. Flora Miketta, as marketing manager, along with Stephanie Zeller, is in contact with our benefactors and award sponsors, without whose generosity we would not be able to award so many prizes each year.

Communication is vital. Under the direction of Evelyn Voigt-Müller, the communications department ensures that all of Munich and the whole world hear about what’s on offer at the festival. In the editorial department, Michael Stadler, Tobi Obermeier, Mike Pilewski, and Barbara Oswald write the texts for the magazine and the website. As webmaster, Barbara maintains the website along with Maike Müller. As press officer, Annika Eidam is in regular contact with our partners in the media and handles all incoming press inquiries. And because social media makes the world go round, we have Matthias Lund and Sven Kolb, who supply our channels with all kinds of information before and during the festival.

FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH is first and foremost a festival for the general public, aimed at all moviegoers and film enthusiasts. Nicole Schumacher and Sara Le organize all of the processes necessary for our guests to be able to get their tickets to the screenings as well as their festival accreditation.

During the festival we’ll be able to count on the help of further team members. Ronny Heine and his camera will be everywhere that photos are to be taken. Benedikt Schulte will capture moving images and edit them into festival clips. The festival trailers were also created in this image “workshop”; they were edited by Raffaello Lupperger.

And if you’re wondering who brought the yellow balloons into play and designed the cool posters and the magazine, that’s our design agency, Abc&D, where this year Lukas Schimpfhauser in particular worked his magic with a computer mouse.