Welcome to the Team

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What would the festival be without the team that works so hard to ensure that each November, a wide variety of current student films is screened in Munich? Even as the planning for FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, our large summer festival for the public, is in high gear, important initial preparations for FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH are being made behind the scenes. In early September, when the selection committee has met and sorted through hundreds of submissions in order to determine which films will be in competition, the team really gets going. Its members include:


Dario Albrecht

Alfonsina Bencosme

Julia Blechl

Malte Borgmann

Ramon Brussog

Marina Bungert

Patrick Dorn

Annika Eidam

Sarah Ellersdorfer

Sandra Engler

Thorsten Grieser

Christoph Gröner

Joëlle Hébert

Ronny Heine

Marlene Henninger

Franca Hoffmann

Robert Hölzel

Markus Höroldt

Dominika Idczak

Nele Sophie Karsten

Johanna Klug

Sandra Knösel

Petra Kohlhaas-Lindner

Fabio Kühnemuth

Sara Le

Matthias Lund

Tobias Obermeier

Barbara Oswald

Lorenz Peither

Chamila Perera

Mike Pilewski

Sabrina Quente

Simone Reichl

Markus Satzik

Clara Schiltenwolf

Daniela Schink

Carolyn Schiroky

Florian Schneeweiß

Nicole Schumacher

Ulrike Seyffarth

Marc Steck

Felicitas Stößel

Manon Vander Elst

Evelyn Voigt-Müller

Katharina Vollmuth

Julia Weigl

Jessica Weishaupt

Sophia Willmes

Christina Wolf

Katrin Zeise