Film - Program 1 Filmfest 2020


Directed by Mila Zhluktenko


Director: Mila Zhluktenko
Section: Program 1
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Language: Ukrainian
Version: Original version with English subtitles
18+ (no age rating)

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Opera glasses are the essential accessory for watching an aria. You can borrow a pair from the cloakroom. Yet the cloakroom offers more than that. It’s where the patrons briefly give their own performances, sharing the latest gossip, taking selfies, and checking their appearance in the mirror. This documentary depicts the colorful hustle and bustle without commentary. Inconspicuously in the midst of this spectacle are the cloakroom attendants who watch over the foyer. But what do they do when the curtain rises?

  • Filmschool: HFF München

  • Duration: 24 Min.

Meet the director


Mila Zhluktenko

Born in Kyiv in 1991, Mila Zhluktenko emigrated from Ukraine to Germany in 2004. After graduating from high school in Munich, she studied German literature at Humboldt University in Berlin. Since 2014 she has been enrolled in the documentary directing program at the University of Television and Film Munich. She holds a scholarship from the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Scholarship Fund.


Director of Photography: Rebecca Hoeft
Film Editor: Felicitas Sonvilla
Sound: Andrii Rogachov
Producer: Daniel Asadi Faezi
Production Company: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film, Munich