Film - HFF Special 2 Filmfest 2022


Directed by Anna Roller


Director: Anna Roller
Section: HFF Special 2
Country: Germany
Year: 2021
Language: German
Version: Original Version with English subtitles
Cast: Julia Windischbauer, Stefanie von Poser, Katrin Filzen, Anna Sieber, Mia Sieber, Elsa Baschang, Juri Dammann

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All that Mia, a single mother, wants is to be able to raise her son, Leon, and do her lousy job. When the mother of another child accuses Leon of theft, Mia resorts to unusual means to defend her little family against the prejudices of the staid Bavarian community.

  • Duration: 10 min.

Meet the director


Anna Roller

Anna Roller was born in Germany in 1993. She enrolled at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) to study directing in 2014. Her short films PAN and THE LAST CHILDREN IN PARADISE were screened at more than 60 international film festivals, including Palm Springs and Camerimage, and received several awards. During the lockdown in 2020, she created the IGTV series CURFEW CALLS with kalekonfilm. Roller has participated in the Future Frames program of the Karlovy Vary Festival, the Talent Village of the Les Arcs Festival, and the Cutting Edge Talent Camp in Mannheim. In 2022, she received the German Short Film Award for BRAT. Her first feature film, DEAD GIRLS DANCING, is currently in post-production.


Screenplay: Maya Duftschmid, Anna Roller
Director of Photography: Felix Pflieger
Film Editor: Berthold Wahjudi
Costume Design: Marleen Johow
Sound: Michael Prechtl
Sound design: Stefan Möhl
Make-up artist: Sabeth Kelwing Jimenez
Producer: Melissa Byrne
Production Company: HFF München