Film - HFF Special 2 Filmfest 2022


Directed by Muschirf Shekh Zeyn


Director: Muschirf Shekh Zeyn
Section: HFF Special 2
Country: Germany
Year: 2021
Language: Kurdish
Version: Original Version with English subtitles
Cast: Dara Lalo, Sipan Hasan

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Alan and Bekes have fled their homeland and are on their way to Europe. This simple premise forms the narrative basis for a claustrophobic and intense drama surrounding friendship, courage, dreams, and how the other half live. The very close camerawork in this film forces us to experience this extreme situation almost physically.

  • Duration: 13 min.

Meet the director


Muschirf Shekh Zeyn

Muschirf Shekh Zeyn was born into a Kurdish family in 1988 and grew up in Kamishli, Syria. He began writing short stories at an early age and soon discovered his fascination with cinema. He studied architecture in Syria, specializing in urban sociology, and graduated in the middle of the Syrian war. After being arrested and on account of his military service, he fled Syria, making his way through several countries and having to work many jobs to keep his head above water. After two years, he arrived in Bremen and started making films on his own. Since 2019, he has been studying film directing at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) and holds a scholarship of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. His short film KILLING BAGHEERA has thus far been screened at several prestigious festivals.


Screenplay: Sharyhan Osman, Anita Hauch
Director of Photography: Dominik Boros
Costume Design: Anna-Maria Dutoit, Anita Hauch
Sound: Carla Boicu, Severin Schwarz
Make-up artist: Tiziana Darr
Producer: Seren Sahin
Production Company: HFF München