Film - HFF Special 1 Filmfest 2017


Directed by Lisa Reich


Director: Lisa Reich
Section: HFF Special 1
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Language: German
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Andrej Agranovski, Emma Drogunova, Diana Marie Müller, Ines Hollinger, Bastian Hagen
18+ (no age rating)

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During a dance rehearsal, Jonas, receives the instruction to kiss his dance partner and secret crush, Mira. He is so busy hiding his insecurities, that he doesn’t even notice how similar Mira experiences the situation. A story full of misunderstandings, told through two perspectives.

  • Duration: 14 Min.

  • Film School: HFFM, University of Television and Film Munich

Meet the director


Lisa Reich

Lisa Reich was born 1995 and raised in Munich’s greater area. After her DOP traineeship at a private media school she started working at the production company „Rovolution Film“. Within the company she worked in the script development and creative producing department on several TV films, serial concepts and feature films. Together with Daniel Rohm she worked on an episode of „Wer anderen eine Grube gräbt“ for the German TV show „Hubert und Staller“. Since 2015 she studies directing at the academy of television and film in Munich. Her script “Love Coach” (co-author Josef Zeller) placed third at the ProSieben Sat.1 Mainstream Award 2016.


Screenplay: Maya Duftschmid, Josef Zeller
Director of Photography: Felix Riedelsheimer
Composer: David Reichelt
Producer: Emilia Möbus