Stremt 89
Film - UNATC Filmfest 2012

Stremt 89

Directed by Anda Puscas, Dragos Dulea


Director: Anda Puscas, Dragos Dulea
Section: UNATC
Country: Romania
Year: 2012
Language: romanian
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: the residents of Stremt
18+ (no age rating)

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Stremt 89

Romania, 1989. The anti-communist revolution was taking place on the streets of the big cities. But all around the country, people were waiting, paranoid, fearful, doubtful, with barely contained excitement. In the small hunting village of Stremt, news travelled slow. So slow in fact, that only after they saw Ceausescu flee on TV, did they decide to start their own revolution. Each man had a rifle, a theory... and a cellar full of homemade moonshine.

This film is in Program 1
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Meet the director

Anda Puscas, Dragos Dulea


Screenplay: Anda Puscas, Dragos Dulea
Director of Photography: Anda Puscas
Film Editor: Dragos Dulea
Producer: Sirius Puscas
Co-Producer: Dragos Dulea