Men of the Earth
Film - VCA Filmfest 2012

Men of the Earth

Directed by Andrew Kavanagh


Director: Andrew Kavanagh
Section: VCA
Country: Australia
Year: 2011
Language: english
Version: Original version
Cast: Paul Bennett, Douglas Morrison, Elizabeth Nabben, Kevin Kirnan-Molloy

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Men of the Earth

Traffic is delayed on the edge of a roadworks site, but what are the council workers doing?
A privileged encounter with a secret, sombre ritual of working men.

This film is in Program 1
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Meet the director

Andrew Kavanagh


Screenplay: Andrew Kavanagh
Director of Photography: Kai Smythe
Film Editor: Andrew Kavanagh
Production Designer: Dominic Kavanagh
Producer: Nicolette Freeman
Co-Producer: Angela Hawkins