The Home Gleaners
Film - BFA Filmfest 2012

The Home Gleaners

Directed by Siqing Zhang


Director: Siqing Zhang
Section: BFA
Country: China
Year: 2012
Language: mandarin
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Ye Zhao, Bao Zhenjiang
18+ (no age rating)

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The Home Gleaners

Ma Yuejing, a junkman, is always following pocket-pickers, in order to collect the empty wallets abandoned by them. Thereafter he contacts the owners of these wallets to get a tiny pay. Once he spied on a pocket-picker as usual, but he ignored that a woman’s photo dropped from the wallet. The photo was picked up by a “junkboy”. The boy followed Ma and stole the wallet from him. Ma caught the boy up and tried to understand him better ...

This film is in Program 1
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Meet the director

Siqing Zhang


Screenplay: Siqing Zhang
Director of Photography: Feng Simu
Film Editor: Zhou Xinxia
Producer: Zhang Huijun