Film - Program 8 Filmfest 2018


Directed by Vedrana Music


Director: Vedrana Music
Section: Program 8
Country: Australia
Year: 2018
Language: Serbian
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Zeljka Reljan-Music
18+ (no age rating)

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Zeljka Reljan-Music escapes from Sarajevo in the first UN convoy taking mothers and children to Belgrade in 1992. When soldiers hand out candy at a stop along the way, Zeljka decides she must take one home for her daughter.

  • Duration: 5 Min.

  • Film School: AFTRS, Australian Film Television and Radio School

Meet the director


Vedrana Music

Vedrana Music was born in Sarajevo in 1989. She moved to Sydney, Australia, when she was five. Her adolescent years involved stealing her parent’s camcorder and coercing her friends into acting. She has a master’s degree in media arts and production, a graduate diploma in directing from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), and most recently a graduate certificate in cinematography, also from AFTRS. Her short films have won awards and been screened at festivals around the world. Music currently gives lectures on film production at universities in Sydney while continuing to work as a freelance director, shooter, and editor.


Screenplay: Vedrana Music
Director of Photography: Vedrana Music
Composer: Y Hrubashchuk
Sound: Nicholas Redmond
Producer: Vedrana Music