Film - Program 6 Filmfest 2020


Directed by Yuan Yuan


Director: Yuan Yuan
Section: Program 6
Country: China, USA
Year: 2020
OT: 雁南飞
Language: Mongolian
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Chasuna, Fala Chen, Tungalag, Tuoya

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Eight-year-old Chasuna lives in a yurt on the barren, endless steppe. She leads a simple nomadic life with her mother, a horse, and a dog. When Chasuna travels to a large industrial city to visit her father on his birthday, she discovers that he has married a Chinese woman. Chinese, rather than Chasuna’s native Mongolian, is spoken, and alcohol flows abundantly. Chasuna has to accept the fact that her father lives in a new world that is foreign to her.

  • Filmschool: New York University

  • Duration: 12 Min.

Meet the director


Yuan Yuan

Yuan Yuan was born and raised in China. She is currently studying screenwriting and directing at New York University under Ang Lee. After completing her bachelor’s degree in film directing at the Shanghai Theater Academy, she worked in script development for Academy Award-winning producer Bill Kong. In 2019, HEADING SOUTH earned her the America Student Film Award from the Directors Guild of America. She is currently working on her first feature film, for which she has received a Spike Lee Production Grant.


Screenplay: Yuan Yuan
Director of Photography: Joewi Verhoeven
Film Editor: Yuan Yuan
Composer: Lu Wang
Production Designer: Yixuan Tong
Costume Design: Connie Leung
Sound: Kun Chen
Producer: Yuan Yuan, Meng Fei
Production Company: New York University
Co-Producer: Hu Mingjue