Film - Program 9 Filmfest 2016


Directed by Kevin T. Landry


Director: Kevin T. Landry
Section: Program 9
Country: Canada
Year: 2015
Language: French
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: André Lacoste, Marika Lhoumeau, Maxim Paré Fortin, Marie-Ève Bérubé, Sofia Blondin, Gabriel Paré, Guillaume Mercier, Sandrine Quynh, Rémi Dufresne, Ekaterina Borovikova, Pierre-Olivier Fortier, Mathieu Grignon, Marie-Andrée Lemieux
18+ (no age rating)

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Does it really take more to land a hit than a man eating tortellini? Yes, a lot more, in fact. That's what a group of young filmmakers thinks, and tosses one original idea out after another atop the original scene - much to the dismay of the character they invented (and the actor playing him). A parody on the trendy media business, its hyperactive (student) protagonists as well as the tragedy of a character noodled more and more by its other-directed fate and the madness of characterization gone wild.

  • Duration: 8 Min.

  • Film School: INIS; Institut National de l'Image et du son

Meet the director


Kevin T. Landry

Kevin Landry holds a BA in Communications (Cinema) from UQAM. He specialized in post-production before plunging into screenwriting and directing through the KINO movement. He is interested in the imaginary, the absurd, and the thin line that separates dreams from reality.


Screenplay: Christine Doyon
Director of Photography: Francis Fortin
Film Editor: Kevin T. Landry
Composer: Mélik-Alexandre Farhat, Sacha Daoud
Production Designer: Marie-Ève Pasquette
Costume Design: Sylvain Genois
Sound: Guillaume Daoust
Producer: Patrick Martin, Isabelle Panet-Raymond