Film - Program 3 Filmfest 2020


Directed by Sebastian Jaimes


Director: Sebastian Jaimes
Section: Program 3
Country: Colombia
Year: 2020
Language: Without Dialogue
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Andrés Bejarano
18+ (no age rating)

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Apheresis is the omission of a sound or syllable at the beginning of a word. Based on this, Sebastian Jaimes explores the process of being forgotten in his experimental film. Like a single unspoken syllable, the protagonist seems to no longer exist to the outside world. He waits, imprisoned in a gray building amid smooth concrete walls. Surrounding him are heaps of stones and gravel, which he shovels away without a purpose. The noises echo loudly within the vast space. The telephone is his only connection to the outside world, but nobody answers.

  • Filmschool: Escuela de Cine y Televisión, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

  • Duration: 10 Min.

Meet the director


Sebastian Jaimes

Sebastian Jaimes is a student at the Escuela de Cine y Televisión of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) in Bogotá. His films explore the limits of audiovisual language. He is also a curator at the Bogotá International Documentary Film Festival. In 2019 he was in charge of the Equinoxio student film festival.


Screenplay: Sebastian Jaimes
Director of Photography: Sebastian Jaimes, Christián Ríos
Film Editor: Sebastian Jaimes
Composer: Santiago Forero-Alarcón
Production Designer: Juliana Ramírez
Sound design: Santiago Forero-Alarcón
Producer: Sebastian Jaimes, Julián Sandoval
Production Company: Escuela de cine y Televisión - Universidad Nacional de Colombia