Light Me Up
Film - CUSFT Filmfest 2013

Light Me Up

Directed by Derek Dolechek, Ryan Walton


Director: Derek Dolechek, Ryan Walton
Section: CUSFT
Country: United States of America
Year: 2012
Language: english
Version: Original version
Cast: Voices: Andrew Ducote, Dave Champagne, Andrew Hernon, Shelley Christl, Travis

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Light Me Up

When people leave a room, light bulbs come to life. Fixtures in the ceiling lead to a miniature world between floors, where bulbs go to live their lives after a hard day of work. LIGHT ME UP follows a family of bulbs that work in an antique shop. Frank and Linda run the family business. When they ask their son, Louie, to take over, they find out he has bigger dreams of becoming a theater spotlight...

Duration: 9 Min.

Meet the director

Derek Dolechek, Ryan Walton


Screenplay: Ryan Walton, Becky Wangberg
Director of Photography: Ryan Walton
Sound: Sean Yap
Producer: Derek Dolechek