The Mass Of Men
Film - NFTS Filmfest 2013

The Mass Of Men

Directed by Gabriel Gauchet


Director: Gabriel Gauchet
Section: NFTS
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Year: 2012
Language: english
Version: Original version
Cast: Peter Faulkner, Jane McDowell, Dominic Kinnaird, Graham Bohea, Brice Stratford

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The Mass Of Men

An unemployed 55-year-old arrives 3 minutes late at a job centre. An advisor penalizes him for his tardiness. To avoid plunging further into destitution, Richard takes desperate measures. Inspired by the events surrounding the London Riots in 2011 and the infamous speech made by Prime Minister David Cameron, the film provides harsh insights into the dangers of repression, disillusionment and apathy.

Duration: 17 Min.

Meet the director

Gabriel Gauchet


Screenplay: Gabriel Gauchet, Rungano Nyoni
Director of Photography: Nick Cooke
Film Editor: Alice Petit
Composer: Matt Kelly
Production Designer: Will Houghton-Connell
Costume Design: Sian Samuel
Sound: Ania Przygoda
Producer: Emily Morgan