Film - HFF Special 1 Filmfest 2022


Directed by Daood Alabdulaa


Director: Daood Alabdulaa
Section: HFF Special 1
Country: Germany
Year: 2022
Language: Arabic
Version: Original Version with English subtitles
Cast: Daro Lalo, Kamel Najma
18+ (no age rating)

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Sealed off from the outside world, men in a prison are subjected to torture and humiliation. In order not to become dehumanized, they memorize and recall the phone numbers of each other’s families. Director Daood Alabdulaa works through his own experiences in a Syrian prison in this claustrophobic chamber play.

  • Duration: 10 min.

Meet the director


Daood Alabdulaa

Daood Alabdulaa was born in Syria in 1994. He studied electrical engineering and directed stage plays in Aleppo. After escaping to Germany in 2014, he continued his studies in Karlsruhe. Since 2020, he has been studying feature film directing at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF). +963 is his first short film at the university.


Screenplay: Daood Alabdulaa
Director of Photography: Henri Nunn
Producer: Lara Milena Brose
Production Company: HFF München