Film - Program 4 Filmfest 2020


Directed by Edson Da Conceicao


Director: Edson Da Conceicao
Section: Program 4
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2019
Language: Dutch
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Dalorim Wartes, Yannick Jozefzoon, Jhamal Emanuelson, Romana Vrede, Joy Delima, Jerry Armah
18+ (no age rating)

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Rotterdam at night: three friends, Em, Moreno, and Kyon, have just robbed a money launderer and feel on top of the world. But first, they need to exercise caution. They want to lie low for a while and not attract attention. But returning to their normal lives is not as easy as it seems at first. How much can change in one night! Edson da Conceicao’s thriller uses impressive yet disquieting imagery.

  • Filmschool: Netherlands Film Academy

  • Duration: 29 Min.

Meet the director


Edson Da Conceicao

Born in 1987, Edson da Conceicao grew up in Rotterdam’s troubled Spangen neighborhood. After high school he attended the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, from which he graduated with the short film STEEZ. He then spent seven years working on various projects as a freelance assistant director, cameraman, cutter, and motion graphics designer. In 2015 he began studying directing at the Netherlands Film Academy.


Screenplay: Bodil Matheeuwsen
Director of Photography: Jeroen Klokgieters
Film Editor: Jip Walther Boer
Composer: Gabriel Milliet
Production Designer: Mijs de Wit
Sound design: Sofie van der Meer
Producer: Yasmin Van Dorp, Nicky Onstenk, Tessel Jonkers
Production Company: Netherlands Film Academy