Film - Program 3 Filmfest 2014


Directed by Francisca Maia


Director: Francisca Maia
Section: Program 3
Country: Australia
Year: 2013
Language: Tetum
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Ruivaldo C. N. Freitas Viana, Serafim de Araujo, Osme Goncalves, Laura Soares Abrantes, Rui Viana, Gil Henry de Carvalho Madeira
18+ (no age rating)

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In 1999, East Timor voted for independence from Indonesia. Within hours of the results, Indonesian Militia groups began attacking and burning the country. With the impending invasion of the militia, a refugee camp must send a message to the International Force for East Timor in Dili. The camp chooses to send Vitor, Loro’s older brother. In an attempt to protect his brother and save his community Loro secretly follows Vitor on his journey.

Meet the director

Francisca Maia


Screenplay: Francisca Maia
Director of Photography: Max Davis
Film Editor: Francisca Maia
Production Designer: Melchior Dias Fernandes
Costume Design: Julia Catharina Schurenberg
Sound: Blake Curtis
Producer: Tuuli Forward