Film - HFF/M Filmfest 2012


Directed by Johanna Thalmann


Director: Johanna Thalmann
Section: HFF/M
Country: Germany
Year: 2011
Language: german
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Ronja Patlak, Paulina Stephan, Runa Schymanski, Ben Gageik, Maisa Burger, Markus Klein, Taran Lass-Adelmann, Nick Rau, Naima Jane Fischer
18+ (no age rating)

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Left alone by their parents, Hanna and Sophie are EVERYTHING to each other, inseparable. Together they can beat the world. But then Julius appears on the scene and everything changes: The people, the places, the rules. While Sophie enters the compelling world of first love, Hanna is confronted with the dark side of passion. She is jealous, she envies, she is all alone. Hanna desperately tries to keep up, but loneliness is even more profound in today's world of constant digital connection. If she wants to survive, Hanna has to fight. The only thing that matters is: US.NOW!

This film is in HFF Special 1
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Meet the director

Johanna Thalmann


Screenplay: Johanna Thalmann
Director of Photography: Eugen Gritschneder
Film Editor: Christoph Hutterer
Producer: Johanna Thalmann
Co-Producer: Markus Mayr, Annika Kober