Thank You For Calling
Film - INIS Filmfest 2013

Thank You For Calling

Directed by Régis Coussot


Director: Régis Coussot
Section: INIS
Country: Canada
Year: 2012
Language: french
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Eric Cheng
18+ (no age rating)

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Thank You For Calling

Quick and easy money… but how? There’s a simple answer: "Open your mouth, say ‘Aaah’, swallow, clench your hand and above all, relax…" You’ve joined a clinical study! You’re a guinea pig! Thank you for calling is the story of a young man who decides to play poker with his health.

Duration: 12 Min.

Meet the director

Régis Coussot


Screenplay: Régis Coussot
Director of Photography: Jérôme Hof
Film Editor: René Roberge
Composer: Robert Marcel Lepage
Sound: Dax Hickson
Producer: Philippe Miquel