Splitting Hairs
Film - Program 7 Filmfest 2014

Splitting Hairs

Directed by Nathalie Abbott


Director: Nathalie Abbott
Section: Program 7
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2014
Language: English
Version: Original version
Cast: Nathaniel Smith, Sammy Kissin, Ed Cooper Clarke, Lianne Harvey, Nathalie Buscombe, Karen Ascoe, Juha Sorola
18+ (no age rating)

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Splitting Hairs

In an uncanny version of the 50s, a closeted hair fetishist steals his girlfriend’s locks and a distressing train journey begins. Frank becomes a victim of psychiatry under the surveillance of a twisted femme fatale and her acolytes. A series of strange occurrences force him to confront his compulsion.

Meet the director

Nathalie Abbott


Screenplay: Diana Tatarca
Director of Photography: Nicholas Stylianou
Film Editor: Louis Cochran
Production Designer: Esme Buxton
Costume Design: My Ossianson
Sound: Matt Tume
Producer: Diana Tatarca