Film - NFTS Filmfest 2013


Directed by Joasia Goldyn


Director: Joasia Goldyn
Section: NFTS
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Year: 2013
Language: english
Version: Original version
Cast: Ciara Southwood, Giacomo Mancini, Natasha Alderslade, Paul Slack

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COCOONS is a drama with an edge of dark humour set in an off-kilter world where kids assume the role of grown-ups. At the centre of the story is Stella, an independent 12-year- old girl and her friend Fixer, a charming but awkward BMX rider. When Stella’s dog Frida is sold without her knowing it, she accepts a bizarre job offer in a desperate attempt to buy Frida back.

Duration: 31 Min.

Meet the director

Joasia Goldyn


Screenplay: Sarah Woolner, Joasia Goldy
Director of Photography: Eliot Haigh
Film Editor: Johannes Bock
Composer: Sarah Warne
Production Designer: Matt Sharp
Costume Design: Carmen Mueck
Sound: Ania Przygoda, Vitautas Kizala
Producer: Dan Demissie