Film - Program 7 Filmfest 2016


Directed by Sophie Dros


Director: Sophie Dros
Section: Program 7
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2015
Language: English
Version: Original version
Cast: Everard Cunion
18+ (no age rating)

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What smooth sensuality those female mannequins have, life-size, perfect bodies, attractively curved, and if they don't talk (which may be a blessing) and don't blink, they're the perfect partners for Everard Cunion. They remain faithful, won't leave him or die like his mom did many years ago. Everard isn't a movie character, he's a real human being who lives in Christchurch with twelve of these mannequins, which take on a life of their own in this doc. Everard combats his loneliness with these silicone ladies, takes them along for a ride in his car, talks and sleeps with them. Everyone constructs their own normality. Wouldn't Everard like a real woman someday? He goes on a date on a wintry cold day. But maybe you can imagine warmth with a mannequin by your side, too.

  • Duration: 28 Min.

  • Film School: NFA, Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie

Meet the director


Sophie Dros

It took some HBO studies until Sophie Dros found her real fascination: creating (documentary) films, music videos and commercials. An exciting storyline and surprising style are important factors in her work. Sophie is driven by curiosity, especially about people with an offbeat lifestyle. In her second year of Film Academy, she made a short documentary for Dutch broadcaster NPO. Her third year movie RUBBER ROMANCE (2014) won Best Dramatic Short at the Cinekink Festival in New York. In 2014 she did an internship at VPRO Dorst where she developed new projects and made short content.


Director of Photography: Boas van Milligen Bielke
Film Editor: Erik ten Brinke
Composer: Thomas Goralski
Sound: Brandon Grötzinger, Gijs den Hartogh, Floris Werver
Producer: Eleanora de Rijke