Killing Auntie
Film - Program 1 Filmfest 2014

Killing Auntie

Directed by Mateusz Glowacki


Director: Mateusz Glowacki
Section: Program 1
Country: Poland
Year: 2013
Language: Polish
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Marek Kossakowski, Maciej Ferlak, Aleksandra Pisula, Ewa Kolasinska

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Killing Auntie

“There was no doubt Auntie was a corpse. She lay still, a small trickle of blood pouring out of God knows where as there was no visible wound.” Jurek is 23 years old, a history student. He lives with his loving auntie, who raised and supports him. Feeling that she is a cause and a symbol of his existential malaise, he reaches for the hammer... But will life without his aunt be brighter? A movie about fighting your own demons, based on an unfinished novel by Andrzej Bursa from 1957.

Meet the director

Mateusz Glowacki


Screenplay: Mateusz Glowacki
Director of Photography: Kacper Sedzielewski
Film Editor: Wojciech Janas
Costume Design: Hanka Podraza
Sound: Bartosz Idzi
Producer: Krystyna Doktorowicz