The Call
Film - Program 10 Filmfest 2014

The Call

Directed by Reber Dosky


Director: Reber Dosky
Section: Program 10
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2013
Language: Kurdish
Version: Original version with English subtitles
18+ (no age rating)

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The Call

Driven off their land by the Turkish authorities, Habib and his family have lived in Istanbul for 25 years. Seven years ago, Habib returned to Bakolini in Eastern Turkey, the Kurdish village where he was born. His wife and children didn’t want to and stayed in Istanbul. Back in his beloved village, Habib misses his children. He only has contact with his son Ramazan. Will Habib manage to persuade him to return to their village?

Meet the director

Reber Dosky


Screenplay: Reber Dosky
Director of Photography: Stephan Polman
Film Editor: Jordi Beukers
Composer: Wouter van Bemmel
Sound: Claas Meier
Producer: Steven Rubinstein Malamud
Co-Producer: Vera Frohn