Rhoma Acans - Gypsy Eyes
Film - ESTC Filmfest 2013

Rhoma Acans - Gypsy Eyes

Directed by Leonor Teles


Director: Leonor Teles
Section: ESTC
Country: Portugal
Year: 2012
Language: portuguese
Version: Original version with English subtitles
18+ (no age rating)

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Rhoma Acans - Gypsy Eyes

The director looks at her own family's history and its relation to the Gypsy tradition to which it once belonged. On this journey of self-discovery, she meets Joaquina, a young girl fully integrated in the Gypsy community. As her counterpart, she helps the director understand what has changed, what remains and what still needs to happen.

Duration: 14 Min.

Meet the director

Leonor Teles


Screenplay: Francisco Adão
Director of Photography: Sofia Lacerda
Film Editor: Leonor Teles, João Gomes
Composer: Joana Niza Braga, João Niza Braga
Sound: Joana Niza Braga
Producer: Daniel Valente