The Forgotten
Film - JSFS Filmfest 2013

The Forgotten

Directed by Ehab Tarabieh


Director: Ehab Tarabieh
Section: JSFS
Country: Isreal
Year: 2012
Language: arabic
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Tarek Qubti, Shadi Ayoub
18+ (no age rating)

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The Forgotten

Mustafa steals across the Israeli border with the help of a local smuggler. This is a one-way trip for Mustafa as he contemplates the end of his life. Forty-five years ago, he was forced from his home in the Golan Heights; his attempt to return is confounded by his inability to remember where he is going.

Duration: 22 Min.

Meet the director

Ehab Tarabieh


Screenplay: Ehab Tarabieh
Director of Photography: Yaniv Linton
Film Editor: Nir Zats
Composer: Ophir Baron
Sound: Yoss Appelbaum
Producer: Sol Goodman