The Dual
Film - FTII Filmfest 2013

The Dual

Directed by Abhilash Vijayan


Director: Abhilash Vijayan
Section: FTII
Country: India
Year: 2012
Language: hindi
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Swapnil Kothriwar, Jaswinder Singh
18+ (no age rating)

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The Dual

An army captain comes into the village barbershop for a shave after annihilating the rebels in a civil war. The barber, a rebel sympathizer, is in a dilemma. Should he kill the captain or do his job and give the man a shave.

Duration: 12 Min.

Meet the director

Abhilash Vijayan


Screenplay: Abhilash Vijayan
Director of Photography: Sahil Bharadwaj
Film Editor: Navneet Shukla
Production Designer: Sohini Mondal
Sound: Roopak Kalyani
Producer: D. J. Narain