Film - Program 1 Filmfest 2015


Directed by Tess Hutson


Director: Tess Hutson
Section: Program 1
Country: Australia
Year: 2014
Language: German, English, Italian
Version: Original version
Cast: Scott Smart, Alex Tsitsopoulos, Michael Shanahan, Anthony West, Thomas Blackburne
18+ (no age rating)

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In 1874, the British collier Euxine was en route to Yemen when she was abandoned in the South Atlantic. Three longboats set course for St. Helena, but only two arrived. The third was found after twenty-two days at sea. The film is a reimagining of the events that caused the sailors’ descent into a savage struggle for survival.

Meet the director

Tess Hutson


Screenplay: Tess Hutson
Director of Photography: Miranda Porter
Film Editor: Simon Trevorrow, Tess Hutson
Composer: Neill S. Bell
Production Designer: Isabella Andronos
Costume Design: Isabella Andronos
Sound: Livia Ruzic, Ben Bomitali
Producer: Alexandra George