Audience Journey – Experimental Workshop
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Audience Journey – Experimental Workshop


Audience Journey – Experimental Workshop

In a world full of „content“ films struggle to find their audiences. Is that the problem of our distributors or is there something we can do about it as creators and producers? This experimental workshop focuses on the journey of the audience towards and beyond films, characters and themes. How can we build fan communities? And how can we imply them in the development, production and distribution phases of our projects? What should we give them and what can we expect from them in return? Maybe we should learn to see films as experiences rather than stories, and design them as such.

Speakers: Astrid Kahmke & Prof. Egbert van Wyngaarden

In cooperation with Bayerisches Filmzentrum

Workshop will take place at the Senatssaal at HFF München.

The event is open to festival guests and accredited film students. Registration at the festival center (guest counter).