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Paulina and Nadia live and work in a small hotel in the middle of nowhere near the border between Finland and Russia. With no guests and nothing to do, the girls lie in bed, wander through the empty hotel, and pass the time by the pool, hardly ever leaving the building. They dream of a world that offers much more excitement than their dreary day-to-day existence. When a stranger finally spends the night at the hotel, he offers new material for daydreams. In her film about provincial monotony, director Zhenia Kazankina elegantly combines whimsicality and incredibly casual dance moves.

  • Filmschool: Vgik Russian State University Of Cinematography

  • Duration: 22 Min.

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tags: Women, Friendship, Feature Film, Dreams

Cast: Liza Yankovskaya, Dasha Mureeva, Stephen Ochsner


Director of Photography: Luda Kuropiatnikova

Composer: Monica Mia

Costume Design: Goar Igitian

Sound: Olga Lopina

Sound design: Pavel Ambarnov

Producer: Dasha Dikarkina

Production Company: Vgik Russian State University Of Cinematography

Director: Zhenia Kazankina


Born in Moscow in 1996, Zhenia Kazankina attended the Gerasimov Institute for Cinematography in her hometown. Her work revolves around issues of self-perception, coming of age, absurdity, and dreams. She is currently a writer, director, and editor of commercials and music videos.


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