Filmfest 2019

German Age Rating

Ariclenes Garcia is part of the “voguing” scene. It is a very special safe space for him, and this community has become a kind of substitute family. He takes on the role of mother of his Kiki House of Arise.

  • Film School: HFF München

  • Duration: 12 Min.

tags: Documentary, Dance

With: Ariclenes Garcia, Viktoria Markiewicz


Screenplay: Katharina Thaler

Director of Photography: Florian Berwanger

Film Editor: Katharina Thaler

Composer: Julius Zimmer

Sound: Quynh Le Nguyen

Producer: Carolina Oswald

Director: Katharina Thaler


Katharina Thaler was born in Munich, where she lives and works. In 2017, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in North American studies from the University of Munich. Since 2018 she has been studying film and television documentary at HFF Munich. She also does freelance work for the cultural desk at Bavaria’s state television network, BR.