Filmfest 2019

German Age Rating

Flight attendant Clara is back in Munich for the first time after her breakup with Jan. She decides to break into the apartment they used to share. There she makes a horrific discovery: Jan has replaced her with a life-sized sex doll that resembles her down to the last detail. Her nightmare gets worse when Jan comes home unexpectedly.

  • Film School: HFF München

  • Duration: 12 Min.

tags: Relationship, Loneliness, Sexuality, Feature Film

Cast: Marie Sophie Schmidt, Olaf Becker


Screenplay: Sarah Tafel

Director of Photography: Rebecca Hoeft

Film Editor: Sarah Tafel

Composer: Nils Wrasse

Production Designer: Nikolas Burger

Sound: Matthias Poeltinger

Director: Sarah Tafel


Sarah Tanja Tafel, born in Munich, finished her law degree in media law in Berlin before switching to the creative side. Since 2015 she has worked as a producer, screenwriter, and director on several different projects. Since 2017 she has been studying at the HFF Munich.