Filmfest 2019

German Age Rating

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Six feet tall and heavily built, Sara is afraid that her large body doesn’t conform to society’s usual standard of beauty. She begins to explore her insecurity about love, sex, and femininity in a dialogue with her talking vulva.

  • Film School: The Norwegian Film School

  • Duration: 22 Min.

tags: Animation, Fantasy, Women, Freedom, Society, Humour, Sexuality, Feature Film

Speaker: Anne Sofie Wanstrup, Dagny Backer Johnsen, Mattis H. Nyquist, Gorm Grømer, Gisken Armand


Screenplay: Marianne Røise Kielland

Director of Photography: Vegard Landsverk

Film Editor: Gøthe Lasse Ellevsøy

Composer: Bendik Lund Haanshus

Production Designer: Catrine Gormsen

Costume Design: Alva Brosten

Sound: Adam Andersson

Producer: Ole Elverhøi

Director: Emilie Blichfeldt


Emilie Blichfeldt graduated from the Nordland Film and Art College in 2013 with the short film HOW DO YOU LIKE MY HAIR?. Her films are characterized by a very personal approach to themes that are taboo, especially those that involve the experiences of young women. With her graduation project from the Norwegian Film School, SARA’S INTIMATE CONFESSIONS, Blichfeldt continues her approach of subjective, nontraditional, and feminist storytelling.