FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH screens feature films, animation and documentaries from all over the world. To get an impression of the diversity of the festival, 10 programs from the International Competition are curated, consisting of a colorful mix. In addition to these programs, there is also an HFF Special with a selection of the best student:in films from last year at HFF Munich. Here you can get an overview of this year's programs. 


Aakhat Online Neu2
Kanya Online Neu1

Program 1

People are always expected to play a role of some kind, whether it’s in society at large or within their own family. But of course, people also have their own will. The consequences are conflict, rejection of the roles, revolution! Kanya, for example, doesn’t want to take part in a traditional ritual. Márti doesn’t wish to fulfill the expectations of her school. And what if people were treated like farm animals? Death also has a role in one film, and a very visible role at that. Then there’s a grandpa who simply believes that a Nigerian prince is offering him a pretty handsome deal via e-mail. Or is someone just trying to fool him?


Refeel Online Neu1

Program 2

A degree of voyeuristic interest is one of the key elements of cinema. Watching is fun, watching in secret perhaps even more so. In this program, a motel maid secretly observes the goings-on in a certain room from the attic. Another film takes a candid look at the shoes of Munich pedestrians and gets them to talk — the people, that is, but also, in some way, the shoes. A drug makes it possible for people to take a tour of their own sexual history, including the powerful emotions felt at the time. We’re also allowed to peek into the future: an uncanny animalistic pleasure.


Faro Online Neu1

Program 3

People in dire straits are the subject of this program. Laci’s record store is not doing well at all, which is why the aging owner holds club nights in the basement. But who should be the DJ? Some illegal migrants get stranded in the desert between Mexico and the United States, and two volunteers from a humanitarian organization set out to find them. Young Roja, on the other hand, is on her own when having to figure out how to keep a crucial secret after undergoing a forced marriage. A dangerous situation can provoke a loud thunderclap. And a concentration camp is reconstructed in a workshop — with complete confidence and solid craftsmanship. GOOD GERMAN WORK is the English title of the film.


Aakhat Online Neu1

Program 4

Families are an important haven; they help us to stay grounded. But they are nonetheless as fragile and fleeting as life itself. Four children know this all too well, and their daily lives have changed dramatically since one of their parents committed suicide. The fragile nature of families is also felt by two Afghan refugees who have lived apart from each other since childhood. In a video call, they realize how little they still have in common. At a wedding celebration, on the other hand, it becomes clear that discord should not be hushed up. In Nepal, an aging shaman has to deal not with family matters, but with his own diminishing healing powers.

Life And Death Of Anna Lysis Online Neu3 (1)

Program 5

Go your own way without letting anyone or anything get in your way: if only it were that simple. A drag queen is subjected to the lewd comments and gestures of old men for a whole night. A student discovers that it’s not so easy to make a quick buck selling used underpants on the Internet. In Russia, a young adult tries to meet his own needs without neglecting his autistic brother. And a would-be actor turns his dull job at a movie theater into a game. What do plants have to say about all this? A lot! You just have to be able to understand them.


Summer Shade Online Neu2

Program 6

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. If people were nice to each other, there wouldn’t be so many conflicts, that’s for sure. It’s just not easy to find the right words. A girl who wants to relax by the pool comes up against ultra-Orthodox Hasidic boys and already the wrong words are said. A couple talks derisively about another couple in the mistaken belief that they won’t be understood. People with albinism are exposed to considerable violence in Africa; their stories must be heard. Of course, the films also translate a lot into the language of images. Thus it’s even possible to glimpse into the mind of a debt collector.


White Room Online Neu1

Program 7

Man may be neither fish nor frog, but we do need water to live — and to feed our imaginations. Deep inside the jungle, a boy discovers his sexuality while watching a mermaid. And where cars once filled crowded streets, strange black creatures leap into idyllic rivers and canals. A goldfish becomes an integral part of saying one’s last goodbye, and a student resorts to radical methods in her attempt to get a spot on a competition boat. How imagination and memory can atrophy is shown in a film about a method of psychological torture.


To Wrote Or Not To Online Neu1

Program 8

Life demands a lot of resilience from people. The residents of eastern Ukraine have felt this most of all, having had to live amid countless land mines and unexploded ordnance since war broke out in 2014. For one trans woman, conflict is inevitable when she visits her Orthodox Jewish family — but she faces it nonetheless. Abuse in childhood haunts people deep into adulthood; one way of overcoming trauma can be to write down what one has experienced. An animated film, however, shows that one is powerless against cats and their will.


Papapa Online Neu2

Program 9

A program full of encounters, (inner) metamorphoses, mutations! A man in Seoul gets an unexpected visit from his little daughter and his own father, and finds it difficult to change his ways. Another film explores a future in which daughters meet their biological fathers for the first time in adapted therapy exercises. How can something fake be made real? In a movie theater, a young man and an older woman meet for the first time. And in an animated film, bodies are strangely deformed. The voices of authoritarian regimes resound, but youth is rising up!


When The Sun Sets Online Neu1

Program 10

All things must pass; nothing lasts forever. The more people become aware of this, the more they appreciate what they hold dear. This is the realization arrived at by three women who experience different kinds of loss. The passing of time is also felt by an old man who, at a young age, opted in favor of family tradition, to the detriment of his sexual freedom. In apartheid South Africa, a black nurse fears for the life of her brother. A stick figure, on the other hand, is confronted through a poem with the issue of individual political responsibility. And to escape isolation during the pandemic, two strangers begin a journey through space and time in a virtual chat.


Ueberleben Online4

HFF Specials

HFF Special 1 and HFF Special 2 present the latest films by students of the University of Television and Film Munich. The films do not take part in the International Competition. But there is a lot to discover: exciting documentaries accompany seamen on container ships, broken family relationships or the consequences of aging. Among the feature films, the focus is increasingly on women who seem trapped in their life situations. The program also includes an animated film that tells the moving life story of the director in vivid images. 

Dragon With Two Heads Online1

Wolfgang Längsfeld Special

For the tenth time, the Wolfgang Längsfeld Award for the Most Original Film will be presented at FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH this year. The trophy is awarded in honor of festival founder Wolfgang Längsfeld. In a special feature, the nine winning films of the past years will be shown.