An Interview with the directors Borbála Nagy, Gopal Acharya, and Jannis Alexander Kiefer


Describe your film in just one sentence.

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: GOOD GERMAN WORK is an atypical, typical German story.

Borbála Nagy: LAND OF GLORY is about a revolution no one seems to notice.

Gopal Acharya: In DIVINATION an old shaman in a rural Nepali village,  Aappa Rukhe, age 65, fails to cure people through the divination process and renounces his shamanic power because he feels that his power is slowly diminishing along with the power of nature, due to modernization.

If your film were an animal, what animal would it be?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: Probably a German shepherd.

Borbála Nagy: A chameleon.

Gopal Acharya: If it were a commercial movie or any other kind of movie, I would have given it the name of an animal. However, it’s an art film that does not allow me to compare it to any animal, as its features do not match any animal’s personality.

What was the best / funniest / worst thing that happened while shooting this movie?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer:  We had a real tank for the shot, near Berlin. One of the weirdest moments of my life while shooting.

Borbála Nagy: The best moment was during shooting, when I heard the band playing the march on the stage for the first time.

Gopal Acharya: There were numerous moments that were funny and interesting to me, yet I would like to share the funniest one. The main character in the film, Mr. Aappa Rukhe, is a real shaman whom I chose to be the lead actor. As he is a real shaman, he had never done any acting and was an inexperienced artist. On the initial day of the shoot, he was extremely self-conscious while acting. He was not ready to do a take. People from the area gathered to watch the shoot and it expanded his consciousness. A lot of takes were done, and they were miserable. I then decided to offer him alcohol (a local kind found in the village, known as “local rakshi”). He gladly accepted the proposal. After a shot of alcohol, he was no longer self-conscious and did a perfect take in one go. This was entertaining and a moment of fun for everyone.

What is your favorite movie quote of all time?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: “I’ll be sober tomorrow, and you’ll be crazy for the rest of your life.” – W. C. Fields in IT’S A GIFT (1934).

Borbála Nagy: “Who are you?” “I don’t know. I’m not quite myself today.” – Bringing Up Baby (1938).

Gopal Acharya: My all-time favorite quote: “Cinema art captures and re-creates the reality of the past or present experiences using time and space as elements.” – Andrei Tarkovsky

Which filmmaker would you like to have a beer with?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: Lars von Trier. But not alone, please.

Borbála Nagy: Céline Sciamma.

Gopal Acharya: My favorite filmmaker is Mr. Theo Angelopoulos. I would love to have met him, but it is not possible because he is no longer of this world. Another favorite director of mine is Mr. Carlos Reygadas from Mexico, whom I really wish to meet and have a (non-alcoholic) drink with.

What was the first film you remember seeing at a movie theater?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: The Disney film HERCULES (1997).

Borbála Nagy: Unfortunately, I don’t remember going to the movies for the first time. But I do remember my first favorite film: Jesus Christ Superstar (1973). I watched it so many times that in the end the VHS cassette tape was completely destroyed.

Gopal Acharya: I was born in a village where there were no theaters; we used to watch movies on DVD. When I came to Kathmandu, I experienced my first movie in a theater at the age of 15. It was a Nepali movie called KHALNAYAK (1993).

What is your favorite party song?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: Wow. Depends on the time. “Tarantula” by Pendulum at a club at 8 a.m. is kick-ass.

Borbála Nagy: Last time at a house party I was very happy to hear „Plage isolée“ by Polo & Pan.

Gopal Acharya: “Despacito” by  Luis Fonsi.

If you weren’t a filmmaker, you’d be a ...?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: Conductor.

Borbála Nagy: Private detective.

Gopal Acharya: If I were not a filmmaker, I would have become someone who I would prefer not to be, and that would not be my passion. I would have become a government official, which my family always wanted me to be.

Is this your first visit to Munich? What do you expect from the festival?

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: First visit to the festival, but in fact I started my film career in Munich as a trainee 11 years ago.

Borbála Nagy: Yes, it’s my first time. I expect inspiring films, nice people, and a good atmosphere.

Gopal Acharya: Yes, this is my first visit to Munich. In fact, this will be my first international trip. As such, I would like it to be as memorable as possible and the best possible starting point for my career as a director. I would expect the following from the festival: 1. Networking and interaction among the filmmakers from various countries on art films. 2. Pitching the script of my new project at the festival.

Borbála Nagy: LAND OF GLORY  - Program 1

Gopal Acharya: DIVINATION - Program 4

Jannis Alexander Kiefer: GOOD GERMAN WORK - Program 3

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