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Section: Specials
OT: Programa en español
Language: Spanish
Version: Original version with English subtitles


Conejos animados, aprendices de torero, amistades inesperadas y mucho más: en este programa reunimos cinco cortos que os harán sentir emociones a flor de piel.

This program is dedicated to the festival’s short films in Spanish. Experience all the variety and nuance of the Spanish language and talk to the filmmakers at the Q&As. The five films in this program could not be more diverse. A feature film takes us into the world of bullfighting as it observes young Tristán during his training for this traditional but controversial sport. With great sensitivity, the documentary CADÁVER shows how difficult it is to pay final respects to refugees who have died while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. And in the animated film CONEJ STEPS OUT, a rabbit aims high in his effort to give his girlfriend a present that’s out of this world. In Mexico City, a woman named Catalina, who has cerebral palsy, joins a sex worker for a night out, and an experimental Argentinian documentary questions the fleeting nature of memories.

¡Nos vemos en el cine!

CADÁVER documentary, 21 min. (Program 5)
BORROWED HANDS feature film, 16 min. (Program 9)
ESSAY FOR THE MEMORY documentary, animation, 12 min. (Program 8)
TO DIE BEFORE DYING feature film, 19 min. (Program 6)
CONEJ STEPS OUT animation, 7 min. (Program 10)

This program is for all native speakers, language enthusiasts, language learners, and anyone who loves the sound of the Spanish language. All of the films will be shown in their original language with English subtitles.


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