Film - Program 10


Directed by Orin Kadoori


Director: Orin Kadoori
Section: Program 10
Country: Israel
OT: שארות
Language: Hebrew
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Daria Shamai, Gil Frank

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A young girl wakes up one morning to find out that there’s a new woman in her widowed father’s life for the first time since her mother passed away. This unexpected change undermines her closeness to her father and results in new boundaries in her relationship with him. In various rooms in the house, the father and daughter are forced to deal with their complicated relationship.

  • Duration: 24 min.

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  • HFF Audimax

Meet the director


Orin Kadoori

Orin Kadoori, born in 1995, was raised in Holon, Israel. She is currently a fourth-year student at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. She previously completed studies in fashion photography at the Ron Kedmi Workshops School and in screenwriting under the guidance of Roey Maliach-Reshef.


Screenplay: Orin Kadoori
Director of Photography: Eugene Grebenchuk
Film Editor: Orin Kadoori, Noa Dulberg
Sound: Aharon Brownstein, Omer Allal
Sound design: Nin Hazan
Producer: Orin Kadoori
Production Company: The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television - Tel Aviv University