Film - Program 7


Directed by Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit


Director: Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit
Section: Program 7
Country: France
Language: without dialogue
Version: Original version
Cast: Dalle Chae Park, Biole Chae Park

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In an ancient stone house, twin sisters are immersed in the rhythm of their synchronized and orchestrated life. Whether they’re sleeping in the same bed, preparing tea or washing the linen, everything the sisters do is completely harmonious. One day, however, this harmony is suddenly disrupted. Helpless in the presence of a mysterious force, the twins embark on a long journey to find the cause of the disturbance.

  • Duration: 18 min.

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  • HFF Audimax

Meet the director


Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit

Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit graduated from the École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy in 2020 before joining Le Fresnoy. Underpinned by long-term research — pursued in particular during a residency at the Tighmert Oasis in the Moroccan desert and an internship at Villa Kujoyama in Japan — her work focuses on the mechanisms of appearance and disappearance of images and their impact on memory and cognition. Her short film PHALÉNE was selected for the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition at the IFFR in Rotterdam (world premiere).


Screenplay: Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit
Director of Photography: Maxime Berger
Film Editor: Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit
Sound design: Arthur Hecky
Producer: François Bonenfant
Production Company: Le Fresnoy, Studio National Des Arts Contemporains