Film - Program 2


Directed by Falcão Nhaga


Director: Falcão Nhaga
Section: Program 2
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Bia Gomes, Welket Bungué

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A woman, a mother, an immigrant: she’s waiting at the supermarket for her adult son to arrive and help her carry the heavy bags, something her aching back prevents her from doing on her own. On their way home, they recall past hardship, the burden of which they both carry as well, and thus look to their future. The camera observes how childhood memories, the migrant experience, and hope leave their mark on people’s bodies while also creating a deep familial bond in this universal micro-story about mother and son.

  • Duration: 30 min.

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  • HFF Audimax

Meet the director


Falcão Nhaga

Falcão Nhaga, born to a Cape Verdean mother and a Guinean father in 2000, grew up on the outskirts of Lisbon. He recently graduated from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa. His short film MISTIDA was selected for the La Cinef section at the Festival de Cannes in 2022.


Screenplay: Falcão Nhaga
Director of Photography: Carolina Abreu
Film Editor: Marta Lopes
Sound design: Vicente Molder, Leonor Róis, Marcelo Tavares
Producer: Mariana Morais
Production Company: Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (ESTC)