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  • Wednesday, 11/7/2018

    Mission Film: Possible


    At the 38th FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH, film students from 19 countries will present their short films. Viewing audiences at the Filmmuseum from November 19 to 24, 2018 will see what outstanding student films are possible around the world.

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  • Saturday, 11/25/2017

    Watch Me If You Can: And the Awards 2017 Go to...


    • The main prize of the 37TH FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH goes to German film "Blue Summer Symphony" by Sinje Köhler
    • A total of 13 awards were presented, carrying a purse of approx. €70,000
    • "All the films screened at FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH 2017 were chosen for their excellence. Being chosen is a mark of quality unto itself. The festival is the opportunity for young upcoming filmmaking talents to get together and network," says director Diana Iljine.


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  • Tuesday, 11/14/2017

    Behind the Scenes of the 37th International FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH


    The 37th FILMSCHOOLFEST Munich selects new Aspera SaaS solution for film file delivery.


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  • Monday, 11/6/2017

    Watch Me If You Can


    At the 37TH FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH, film students from 17 countries will present their short films. Come to the Munich Film Museum from November 20th to 25th to see the world with different eyes.


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  • Saturday, 11/19/2016

    We Have the Winners

    The main prize of the 36th FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH goes to French film "Gabber Lover" by Anna Cazenave-Cambet. In all, twelve prizes were awarded with a total purse of €54,000.

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  • Monday, 10/24/2016

    Some Like It Short

    Up-and-coming filmmakers from 21 countries will present their short films at the 36th FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH, dealing with desperate isolation, digital immigrants and daring girls.

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  • Saturday, 11/21/2015

    Best Films Awarded

    • The main prize of the 35. International Festival of Film Schools goes to the Norwegian short film “The Little Death”
    • Four German productions among the winners
    • Altogether ten prizes go to films from five countries

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  • Sunday, 11/15/2015

    The Curtain Goes Up For Young Directors

    • The 35. Munich International Festival of Film Schools is officially opened.
    • Starting Monday, Nov. 11th, young filmmakers from 21 countries will be presenting their films in person in the Munich film museum

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  • Tuesday, 11/10/2015

    In the Forefront

    At the 35. FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH emerging filmmakers from 21 countries prove to be far-sighted in their focus on current events around the world

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  • Thursday, 10/29/2015

    The 2015 Filmschoolfest Jury

    • Director Marco Kreuzpaintner is Jury President
    • The other members are actor Thure Lindhardt, Edinburgh IntI. Film Festival programmer Neil Fox, reporter and film critic Nil Varol and 2014 winner Anaïs Ruales
    • They will select the winners out of 52 films from 21 countries and present the main festival awards

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