Press Releases

Sunday, 11/17/2019


Opening gala of the 39th FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH at HFF München with a cross-section of films from the festival program and the presentation of awards from the special competitions.

On Sunday evening, the 39th edition of FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH had its opening gala at HFF München, the University of Television and Film Munich. Festival director Diana Iljine welcomed the film directors in attendance from around the world along with the festival’s invited guests and gave her outlook for the coming week: “Ten exciting programs, two HFF Specials, Film School Lectures, and a master class by the chairwoman of our selection committee, Anca Miruna Lăzărescu, invite us to contemplate the state of the world now and in the future. Let us celebrate cinema with the next generation of filmmakers!”

Before the four opening films offered the audience an initial taste of the diverse program, Anton Biebl, Director of the Department of Arts and Culture, City of Munich, also welcomed the guests. He concluded his remarks with a request of the festival participants: “In an age of social and political flashpoints constantly shown to us in the news, it’s all the more important that we contribute to better global understanding through art and culture. This week, for the first time, here in Munich, a ‘Week of the Many’ was held: Munich artists and individuals involved in the cultural sector made a joint commitment to opposing the increasing political shift to the right and right-wing populism in Munich. A ‘Bavarian Declaration by the Many’ says, among other things: ‘Art creates a space for changing the world.’ I’d be very pleased if this motto were given space at the Filmschoolfest opening tonight and in the hearts of its international participants.”

During the opening ceremony, the awards of the two special competitions were presented.

The first prize of the Hofbräu Trophy (5,000 euros) for best beer commercial was claimed by the advertisement “The Golden Ring”, in which Rupert Höller uses a few vivid images — set to a simple but fitting musical soundtrack — to tell a little story, or perhaps a very big story. The words “I do” were said by the Hofbräu jury as well, which crowned this commercial the winner. The second prize (3,000 euros) went to “Priceless” by Danilo Pejakovic, Lukas Schwarz-Danner, and Gretta Sammalniemi. The third prize (1,000 euros) was presented to “Revenge of the Kronkorken” by Paul Hirschauer and David Diebold.

The first prize of the Climate Clips Awards (5,000 euros), presented this year for the 12th time by the Nagelschneider Foundation, was claimed by Camilla Tricaud and Franziska Unger from HFF München for their film “Apocalypse Airlines”, a commercial for a thus-named imaginary airline that confronts viewers with the contradictions in their lifestyle. The second prize (3,000 euros) was presented to the animated commercial “The Beauty” by Pascal Schelbli, and the third prize (1,000 euros) went to “My Grandpa” by Philipp Link.