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Tuesday, 11/14/2017

Behind the Scenes of the 37th International FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH


The 37th FILMSCHOOLFEST Munich selects new Aspera SaaS solution for film file delivery.


Aspera, an IBM company, is the new official technical partner of the FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH that will open its 37th annual event on November 19 at the Munich film school, HFF. As part of this cooperation, the FILMFSCHOOLFEST 2017 is using the industry-leading SaaS solution Aspera Files™ that enables reliable, high-speed digital delivery of films from participating film academies and film students.

The filmmakers have installed the Aspera Connect Plug-in to securely upload their content on a shared cloud-based Aspera Server. As well as security, another key feature is stable file transfer, meaning that even in the case of a short-term internet outage, the transfer will automatically resume. The FILMSCHOOLFEST team is then able to download the encrypted files from the Aspera Server, where they’re automatically decoded and delivered to the Munich Film Museum for screening.

"Previously, countless hard drives, USB sticks and other storage devices had to be sent and returned worldwide by post or courier service. By using Aspera, this time-consuming step is now eliminated," said Florian Schneeweiß, who is responsible for the technical organisation of the FILMSCHOOLFEST.

In total, 44 films will be presented in 10 program blocks from November 20-25. The feedback of the filmmakers so far is so positive that in this first year alone, around 90 per cent of all screened films will be directly processed via Aspera Files. The overall transfer volume for the FILMSCHOOLFEST in 2017 amounted to 4 TB.