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Saturday, 11/21/2015

Best Films Awarded

  • The main prize of the 35. International Festival of Film Schools goes to the Norwegian short film “The Little Death”
  • Four German productions among the winners
  • Altogether ten prizes go to films from five countries


The award ceremony of the 35. International Festival of Film Schools took place on Saturday, November 21st at the HFF München. “The Little Death” („Den lille døden“) won the VFF Young Talent Award (and €7,500) for Best Film from the Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film- und Fernsehproduzenten (VFF). The jury, led by director Marco Kreuzpaintner, described the film about a 12-year-old girl who discovers the adult world on a ship voyage as follows: “THE LITTLE DEATH is a wonderfully told story about adolescence, loss of childhood, love, sorrow, friendship, and the wonders of adulthood. It's poetic, full of love to its characters, precise, not too long not too short, in fact a perfect little gem of a movie.”

The German entry ”Herman The German” by director-producer Michael Binz from Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln won both the Panther Prize for the Best Production of a European film and the Wolfgang Längsfeld Prize for Most Original Film. Both juries praised the film’s humor, directing and camerawork.

“This year’s winners come from five countries with quite different points of view and let us see the world through their eyes. And they don’t shy away from clear positions in regard to current social and political developments”, commented festival director Diana Iljine.

The ARRI Award for Best Documentary went to Lisa Gerig from the Zurich School of the Arts for “Conversation Over The Fence” (“Zaungespräche”) which focused on refugees in a detention center waiting to be deported. The jury: Subtle in style, yet powerful in its punch, this documentary is a skillful piece of filmmaking that seeks to use its art form to expose more than what the media wants to share. In telling the stories of a handful of individuals, it speaks for all those struggling for a new life in an ever growing crisis that cannot be ignored.”  

Alexander Hasskerl of the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin won the Student Camera Award for his camera work on the short “Wada‘ (Prediction)”. Director Khaled Mzher’s film deals with a musical instrument maker in Berlin who is haunted by what is happening in Syria.

Altogether ten prizes worth roughly €45,000 were awarded. The Luggi Waldleitner Award for Best Screenplay went to Vladimir Tagić of the Belgrade School of Art for “Emergency Exit” (“Izlaz u slučaju opasnosti”). Basile Vuillemin of the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Louvain-la-Neuve won the Arte Short Film Award for “Fingertips” (“Du bout des doigts”). The Prix Interculturel went to another student at that same Belgian film school, Arthur Lecouturier, for ”Do You Even Know...” (“Au moins le sais-tu”).

The directing duo Moritz Rautenberg and Christian Ricken of the HFF München won both special competitions: the Climate Clips Award for “Sweaty Santa” and the Hofbräu Trophy for “Outer Space” as best beer commercial.

A total of 52 films from 21 countries were in the competition. The latest films by emerging German filmmakers drew considerable attention. Diana Iljine: “We hope our platform acts as a launching pad for young directors. We’re already excited about the next films of all of our participants.”