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Monday, 11/17/2014

Curtain Rises at Filmschoolfest

On Sunday evening, the 34. Munich International Festival of Film Schools was officially opened. As of today, young filmmakers from 22 countries will be presenting their latest films in the city's Filmmuseum

The three opening night films came Germany, the United KIngdom and Belgium. At the gala in the Munich University for Television and Film, Mayor Josef Schmid greeted the young filmmakers and more than 300 invited guests from the film industry. "In the next few days we'll be getting a glimpse of the cinema of the future and the star directors of tomorrow. Munich is very proud to be hosting this important and longstanding event", said Schmid in his opening remarks.

On the bill were three very different films. In the documentary "Two at the Border" ("Nacht Grenze Morgen") Munich students Tuna Kaptan and Felicitas Sonvilla followed two young men in Edirne who smuggle people across the Turkish-Greek border. Ali and Nasar, refugees themselves from Syria and Palestine, help others across the border - a very risky business.

Whereas "Two at the Border" deals with current events, the drama "Untitled Blues" by British director B Welby-Delimere takes us back to the year 1937: Blues musician Sam, a prisoner on death row, is visited by Bill, a music producer who wants to record his music. Sam sees a chance to live on through his music.

Sophie-Clémentine Dubois from Brussels shows that ingenuity pays off in her black comedy "The Dandelion" ("Le Pissenlit") in which a restaurant owner and his staff spare no effort to prevent their place from closing. But nothing seems to work as planned. As a last resort, waitress Constance tries to seduce a bank employee.

As of Monday, November 17, altogether 46 short films from 22 countries will be screened in ten programs. There are eight films from Germany, from film schools in Berlin, Potsdam, Cologne, Ludwigsburg, Nuremburg and Munich.

"This festival gives us insights into current filmmaking worldwide. These young filmmakers present us with very differentiated perspectives of the world", commented festival director Diana Iljine. "I'm particularly pleased that most of these filmmakers will be in Munich to present their films in person. Whether they're from Montenegro or China, Australia or East Timor, they make this festival something to celebrate."

In addition to the official competition, Hofbräu München has a prize for the best beer commercial and Stiftung Nagelschneider (Nafelschneider Foundation) presents a prize for the best clip dealing with climate change and renewable energy. On Saturday, November 22, prizes worth € 45,000 will be presented at the award ceremony.