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Friday, 10/28/2011

The Best of the Best


50 films were selected for the 31st MUNICH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILM SCHOOLS. From November 13 - 19, they will be vying for prizes totalling over €40,000 in the Munich Filmmuseum. 34 are theatrical films, 10 documentaries and 6 animated films.

"The films are really impressive. It's a whole new generation of talented directors", commented  Katja Ferwagner, of the ARTE pop culture show "tracks" and a member of this year's selection committee. The other members were internationally active festival curator Myriam Alexowitz from Cologne and actor, producer and festival director Arben Zharku from Prishtina. 

"These young filmmakers are not just into realism", continued Katja Ferwagner. "They're interested in similar topics. Unemployment today and its human consequences are not just a European concern but one in China, Japan and Korea as well. And yet every country has its own particular cinematic charm. The blackest humor, interestingly enough, doesn't come from England, but Serbia."

81 film schools from around the world submitted more than 280 films for the international competition. Films were selected from North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia as well as from 14 European countries.Germany is represented with altogether 11 films. 

Most of the young directors will be in Munich to present their films in person. They follow in the footsteps of numerous students whose early films were screened here. Filmakers such as Lars von Trier (Breaking the Waves, Melancholia), Michael Caton-Jones (The Jackal), Nick Park (Wallace & Gromit) and Hans Weingartner (The Edukators) as well as later Oscar winners Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others), Caroline Link (Nowhere in Africa) and Florian Gallenberger (Quiero Ser).