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Thursday, 11/4/2010

Three Cons on A Day Off

The 30th INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILM SCHOOLS opens with a tragicomedy about three excursions into freedom, A DAY OFF.

The opening night film by Alexander Costea and Miriam Märk kicks off the 30th Munich International Festival of Film Schools on November 14th in Munich's Arri cinema. The tragicomedy is about three prisoners who are allowed to leave prison for a day shortly before their release. "The film is a small masterpiece", says Andreas Gruber, the artistic director of the festival. "The two young directors and their wonderful cast have succeeded in showing the thin line between freedom and imprisonment in a very entertaining way."

In A DAY OFF, three convicts start out the day with great expectations. Their 8-hour trial release is intended to re-accustom them to normal day-to-day life back in the real world. They are accompanied by three volunteers who themselves suffer from a 'Good Samaritan' syndrome. So the film is about three odd couples: an unpredictable hothead and an extremely orderly college student, a sensitive but stubborn middle-aged man and a young do-gooder, a big-mouthed con artist and a retired teacher. For all six of them, the excursion turns out to be filled with unexpected challenges.

Directors Alexander Costea and Miriam Märk based their first film together on personal experience. Both of them worked with prisoners in their spare time. "Our film is based on a lot of things that we experienced first hand or heard about in prison", said Miriam Märk. She studies documentary filmmaking at the Munich University of Television and Film. Alexander Costea studies directing in the Feature Film and Television Feature Department.

As the opening film, it is being screened out of competition. From the 15thto the 20th of November, 44 films from 26 countries will be competing for prizes worth more than 50,000 Euros.
To give everyone a chance to see it, there will be a special screening of A DAY OFF on Saturday, November 20th at 6:30 pm in the Filmmuseum München. Tickets for this screening are available at