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fritz-kola was founded in 2002 by two students in Hamburg. The first Kola was launched in 2003, followed by numerous juice-based soft drinks and spritzers. For the sake of the environment, fritz-kola has been using returnable glass bottles since its founding and is steadily expanding decentralized bottling close to consumers. In addition, fritz-kola is involved in the "Pfand gehört daneben" (deposit belongs next to it) initiative, the "Trink aus Glas" (drink out of glass) movement, and numerous projects for a sustainable society. Mirco Wolf Wiegert and Winfried Rübesam are managing directors of the company, which has been called fritz-kulturgüter since 2014.


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We live in such exciting times that it is inconceivable not to have a stance on social issues. Companies bear responsibility and are one of the many pillars of society. By supporting the Filmschoolfest Munich, we therefore want to promote young talent in the film industry on the one hand and strengthen the creative-artistic discourse on social issues on the other.