Awards & Winners 2010

(€ 7500)
Sponsor: German Royalty Collecting Company of Film & TV Producers Ltd. (VFF)

directed by Pawel Maslona
Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty University of Silesia (WRITV), Katowice, Poland

The jury: "The award for Best Film goes to FOR MADMEN ONLY for its extraordinary cinematic precision, balanced by subtle and nuanced performances. The quiet desperation of a routine marriage is expressed flawlessly, utilizing all cinematic means available to expose the sadness of perfection."

directed by Janaína Marques Ribeiro
International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV), Cuba

Jury President Dito Tsintsadze: "The Special Award of the Jury President goes to LOS MINUTOS, LAS HORAS for its striking ability to create atmosphere in a cinematic and subtle language."

(ARTE buys the broadcast rights to the film up to € 6000)
Sponsor: ARTE

BOB directed by Jacob Frey and Harry Fast
Baden-Württemberg Film Academy (FABW), Ludwigsburg, Germany

The jury: "The hamster wheel of desire speaks directly to the heart of all of us."

(ARRI Services worth € 4.000)
Sponsor: ARRI - Arnold & Richter Cine Technik 

HOLDING STILL directed by Florian Riegel
Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM), Germany

The jury: "Sitting still and watching the world through a lens: we, the cinema audience, do it by choice; the protagonist of this film is forced to do so by a fateful love. HOLDING STILL is about the act of seeing and the difference between internal and external movement. It is not only the best documentary but also one of the best films of the competition."

PREACHER (PREDIKER) directed by Daan van Baelen
Sint-Lukas Brussels, university college of art and design (HSL), Belgium

The jury: "From the very first out-of-focus images, PREACHER is an unsettling cinematic experience. With this Special Mention we would like to encourage the filmmaker to continue with his impassioned experimentation."

(€ 3000)
Sponsor: the family of producer Luggi Waldleitner

Janaína Marques Ribeiro and Pablo Arellano Tintó
International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV), Cuba

The jury: "The jury awards THE MINUTES, THE HOURS the Best Screenplay Award to celebrate its humanistic storytelling. We honor the filmmaker and her co-author for their work using simple scenes revealing the complex and poetic relationship between mother and daughter."

(€ 1000)
Sponsor: the magazine 'Film & TV Kameramann'

Till Girke for GÖMBÖC
(directed by Ulrike Vahl)
Film and Television University "Konrad Wolf" (HFF/P), Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany

The jury: "Distances and empty spaces, bleached colors and human figures trying to make connections with each other and their surroundings: the Award for Cinematography in a German Film goes to GÖMBÖC for its artful framing. This film has not only a look; it has a world view."

(the winner is provided a complete line of Panther's state-of-the-art dolly equipment for a period of four weeks, worth € 10.000)
Sponsor: Panther

DANIEL'S ASHES (DANIELS ASCHE) directed by Boris Kunz
University of Television and Film Munich (HFF/M), Germany
Produced by Magdalena Rathmann (HFF Munich) / Kaissar Film in coproduction with Bayerischer Rundfunk

The jury: "Boris Kunz' film shows the different points of view of two families on funerals. The story is profound yet told with plenty of Bavarian humor and is reminiscent of the high quality of certain recent German box office successes. The jury was particularly impressed by the mise-en-scène and Martin Niklas' outstanding camera work."

(€ 5000)
Sponsor: Interfilm Academy Munich

DANIEL'S ASHES (DANIELS ASCHE) directed by Boris Kunz
University of Television and Film Munich (HFF/M), Germany

The jury: "Boris Kunz has made a superb film about the various rituals involved in a family taking leave of a young man. It focuses on the archaic aesthetic and ethical conflicts of two generations and their worldviews as well as on different attitudes toward love, death, the truth and sincerity."

(€ 10,000) 
Sponsor: His Royal Highness Prince Luitpold, Prince of Bavaria

directed by Stefan Kochert
Baden-Württemberg Film Academy (FABW), Ludwigsburg, Germany

The jury: "Stefan Kochert's commercial FOR THE TRUE MOMENTS convinced us by its credible use of a familiar situation - and it made us chuckle. The idea, the direction and the acting are all excellent. And it has an aspect that is very important in advertizing: it makes us crave for the pleasure of drinking a König Ludwig Dunkel. Congratulations on this superb piece of work."

(€ 5000)
Sponsor: Nagelschneider Foundation

directed by Frederike Wagner und Tina Teucher
International Summer University (ISU), Berlin/Santiago de Chile

The jury: "Frederike Wagner and Tina Teucher succeed in depicting the triumph of new technologies in the renewable energy sector in less than two minutes. Their clip uses irony and creative editing in contrasting negative statements by erstwhile opponents with images and positive statistics that prove just how wrong they were. The jury found it concise and exceptionally persuasive. We congratulate the winners of the 3rd Climate Clip Award!"