VSMU (Slovakia)

Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava

The VSMU (Academy of Performing Arts) Bratislava has its home within one of the oldest universities in Central Europe, the Academia Istropolitana, founded in 1464. The Faculty of Film and Television was founded in 1990 as the youngest of the three faculties. With more than 150 films produced every year - ranging from short exercises to medium-length films - it is the most important film school in Slovakia. The fundamental objective of our school is the education and training of high quality professionals in the artistic production of film and multimedia. We encourage experimentation and research and help our students to adapt to the professional needs of contemporary audiovisual and multimedia arts. We inspire our students to explore a more profound creative process by combining their sensibility, intelligence and spontaneity with knowledge of the craft. We wish to integrate the new and the traditional, accept current developments while retaining the inventiveness, craft and values of traditional Czechoslovak cinematography. The Department of Animation was established in 1993.

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